Sticker Shock
So you need to commemorate something really cool that just happened and you want to do it on a budget…and in a way that gets attention…and isn’t too wasteful…and doesn’t seem like you’re trying to compete with this really really cool thing that just happened. Meet the decal.
When people get the chance to be one of the first test riders in a self-driving car at Google they get this special sticker which is actually a high quality laptop decal. And yes, the ride in the ghost car is the main event but this cute sticker stays around as a conversation point and feather in your cap for much longer than the spin around Mountain View.
We were tickled to see our decals featured prominently in this Time article!
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Lean In gear! We’re obsessed! #leaningin with #style #swag #onesies
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To all the lovely moms.
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Our ever-present brand ambassador is on the move in London.  I miss you Joe!

Still on the hunt!
I most the dream place (close to trains, under budget, great views, stylish and modern). I have already seen 3 today, and I’m off to another. This was a break to caffinate and make notes.
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